[tribe_events]: This shortcode displays a calendar view of the upcoming events. It typically includes a navigation header, month, week, or day view options, and a grid or table layout of events. By default, it will display the current month’s events.

[tribe_mini_calendar]: This shortcode displays a compact mini calendar with clickable dates. When a date is clicked, it typically shows a popup or redirects to a page with the events occurring on that date.

[tribe_list]: This shortcode displays a list view of events. It usually includes event details such as the title, date, time, venue, and organizer. You can customize the output by using various attributes such as category, tag, date range, and event limit.

[tribe_events_list]: This shortcode is similar to [tribe_list] and displays a list of events. It provides additional options to customize the output, such as sorting events by date, title, or venue, and specifying the event status (upcoming, past, or both).

[tribe_upcoming_events]: This shortcode specifically displays a list of upcoming events. It allows you to customize the output by specifying the number of events to display, the date range, and other parameters.

[tribe_featured_venue]: This shortcode highlights a featured venue, displaying its details and a list of events associated with that venue.